Ray Davila - CertTESOL Trainer and Shanghai Regional Trainer

Ray started his ESL career in Costa Rica. While working for a private language learning institution, he became an English trainer for young Spanish learners in the CINDE Costa Rican National English Education program. After realizing he had found his niche in teaching, he decided to develop and broaden his teaching skills and experience by joining EF China which he has done for over 2 years. During his time here, he has worked for EFEC as a teacher and as senior teacher after his first year. He has also hosted talks and seminars at teacher forums and trainings, served as an in-center trainer in Shanghai, and completed his Trinity Diploma in TESOL. 


Ramon Davila

Special interests: learner autonomy, behaviorism in the classroom, social constructionism in the classroom, student motivation

Qualifications: Trinity Diploma in TESOL